5 Things to Consider When Scaling Your Nonprofits

By Brian Baptista
Aug 6, 2019 • 0 min read

What do you do when you want to scale your nonprofit? Just walk into the unknown and hope that things will play out? Well, you could do that—and it could work—but your drive alone might not be enough.


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This article was contributed to our Village Vitals monthly newsletter by Brian Baptista. This monthly newsletter aims to connect churches, nonprofits, and other organizations with today's best practices and professional insight, helping them grow their knowledge, gain new perspectives, and drive innovation. 

Passion in undeniably important in starting a nonprofit, but is it enough? Brian Baptista, CEO of Danish nonprofit consultancy company COPUBLICA, has been helping organizations grow for 20+ years. In this article, he shares his advice on overcoming the top 5 major hurdles faced by nonprofits wanting to scale their operations.

The first and best step to growing your nonprofit is going to require you to take inventory of yourself, your company, and your goals. Brian's article is here to help.


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