A Suite of Remote Collaboration Tools

By Kermit Farmer
Mar 17, 2020 • 6 min read

Coming May 15th: Remote engagement documented and recorded in a custom CRM to meet ongoing needs or your organization.

Our remote tools allow you to stay engaged with your audience and attract new followers with a suite of services designed to meet modern needs with the latest technology. Best of all, our strategic partnership with Brave Road brings the Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) space to the front door of mission driven organizations to increase community reach and engagement.

We all crave face-to-face hands on engagement. However, physical interaction is not always possible, ideal, or convenient. Village Creed strives to help partnering organizations meet this need by increasing both in-person and remote collaboration with their volunteers, students, clients, donors, and more. Our modern cloud-based tools allow mission driven organizations to fill the engagement gaps when physical convening is not possible.    

It’s important for service organizations to document their engagement with constituents whether it’s face-to-face or remote engagement.  Our tools allow you to document and record all the different types of engagement from third party platforms of your choosing.

Here are the tools we will offer starting on May 15th to complement our event management platform.


Live Streaming

Vimeo Live Stream

Live streaming refers to online media simultaneously recorded and broadcasted in real time. Think of this as a webinar, but without requiring login credentials and pre-signups in order to maximize engagement. Consumers have both increasing options for watching online videos and higher expectations for quality online experiences than ever before. To grow and retain a loyal audience, it’s essential to provide the best-integrated experience possible.

With our tools, powered by Brave Road, you can manage every aspect of your online events seamlessly. Choose who sees your video with password protection and embed permissions. Stay on-brand with a customizable player. Give your live events professional polish without the hassle of an encoder. Easily add full-screen graphics and logos straight from your browser. Boost viewer involvement with a suite of powerful, easy-to-use live engagement tools — including live Q&A, live polls, audience chat, email capture, and custom calls-to-action.

It's hard to get social media traction in such a vast digital space. Brave Road can help you identify your key customer profiles through AI and other metrics, and then created targeted marketing based on those profiles. All the customer profiling and marketing is embedded within the platform to give you a seamless experience.

As an added feature, you can keep an eye on everything in real-time with our advanced analytics. Brave Road's media tools allow you to simulcast your live stream to multiple targets including your website, mobile apps, connected TV channels, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and more. Your organization can choose to offer this for free or for a price.


Video Hosting and Management

Katapy BR Screenshot

Upload your videos to Brave Road's platform and we do the rest! The Brave Road/Village Creed partnership enables you to quickly create secure branded digital media channels with multiple revenue models and deep analytic insights. We’ve got everything you need to securely stream your video content on-demand to any device without the need for expensive in-house equipment and staff. Learn more about the Brave Road media platform.

Once videos are uploaded on the Brave Road platform, they are automatically available on Village Creed, allowing our platform to encode and stream them worldwide. Our easy-to-use web admin console allows you to organize video galleries, schedule video publishing, and monitor video conversations in progress. Also embedded in this tool are user-based tracking of video play states, video history, and watch lists. These provide a fully personalized video experience.


Online Class Creation and Hosting

Provide a world-class learning experience. Let Village Creed do the heavy lifting.


By using third party tool like Teachable or Thinkific, allow your students, volunteers, even donors to sign up for your curriculum. The beautiful interface allows your guests to preview and purchase your courses. Through a zappier integration with Village Creed, you can document this engagement on the Village Creed platform to know and measure your impact metrics.   

We recommend third party eLearning platforms like Teachable or Thinkific which allow you to easily create quick and beautiful classes with our native features. It’s an easy way to reinforce learning, summarize essential information, and check in on your students’ progress. Issue certificates of completion to reward your students and verify their success. Fully customize your own unique certificates for each course. Enable course compliance to enforce lecture completion, video compliance and require a passing quiz scores for your courses.


Create Paths by packaging resources into easy steps


Paths are how you bring-it-all-together. Paths are designed to help organizations guide an individual’s personal development. Paths are composed of a series of smaller steps related to events, volunteerism, and online content. Paths can be focused on developing the skills and experience necessary for goals such as employment.

Paths can also be used to certify individuals who want to volunteer with an organization. A path like this might include steps such as watching a series of training videos, attending a local CPR workshop, and volunteering at a general event for the organization. We provide organizations with the ability to package together a series of events, online classes, videos and more for one or more audiences. 


All Documented in your Village Creed CRM


We know how important it is for your mission to keep track of your engagement. We make it easy for you to see your collaboration efforts with your volunteers, students, clients, and donors through a CRM database.

All of the donations, participation and volunteer hours, and even online interaction is tracked for each person in your organization. Do you need a specific type of person or skill? Quickly search your CRM database by desired characteristics to narrow down the field.Individual on CRM


Tools at Your Fingertips

At the core of every mission-driven organization is its people. It is out of the tangible relationships between those people and their community that true impact happens. In this digital age, we understand how important it is to supplement your face-to-face interactions with a strong online relationship. Let us help you increase collaboration with our cloud-based tools.

Our host of remote tools allows your mission to continue even when meeting in-person isn’t possible. Help your organization’s members plug in, develop their skills, and stay connected through our different platform features. And most importantly, see all this activity documented through your own CRM to help drive engagement. 



KermitAbout the Author

Kermit Farmer is the Chief Ethos Officer at Village Creed. He is passionate about connecting community resources to solve local needs.