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By Morgan Downey
Jan 27, 2020 • 4 min read

What kinds of corporate giving is your workplace involved in? Do you participate in office-wide charity drives? Perhaps you get together once a month to volunteer? Whatever you like to do together, we know that giving back is important to you. In fact, charity and volunteerism have been cited as increasingly more meaningful to adults every year.


A Cone Communications & Ebiquity Global CSR Study recently reported that 90% of adult consumers are more likely to purchase the goods and services of a company that is committed to giving back when given the choice between two similar organizations with differing CSR values. Millennials report finding a company that is committed to giving to charity is paramount to their job search.


Because of this wonderful rise in the value of volunteerism, companies are incorporating more charitable acts into their yearly goals, allowing you the opportunity to give back even more with your friends from work. We think that is pretty awesome. Enter WeHero, an organization that recognizes your commitment to corporate giving and aims to make it easier. 


Village Creed’s mission is to help you and your community solve problems by connecting you with the organizations that are needed to solve those issues efficiently. WeHero is one such organization, a company whose goal is to empower ten million people with the tools to give impactfully.


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We started to unpack what this company has to offer and felt compelled to write about them. They are different. In everything they do, they ask, "What is the end result?" WeHero is an online platform that acts as a bridge between your company and your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals. They have created an online space where your business can find creative and custom solutions to volunteer events and charitable strategies. 


Organizing volunteer and CSR events can take a lot of time and company resources to complete. That’s why using a platform like WeHero is a smart choice for organizations that wish to make a major impact without exhausting their employees and resources. They do the heavy lifting for you, helping you organize your event and connecting you with volunteer opportunities where your help will make the greatest impact.


They offer a variety of packages that fit every budget and business, ranging from Do-It-Yourself boxes to larger and customizable in-and-out-of office events.


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But the advantages of using the WeHero platform don't stop there. WeHero has collected data on the most effective CSR strategies for a variety of different business models, and with their data-driven model they help your businesses implement a CSR plan that is right for your mission and brand. They start with a survey of stakeholders and an evaluation of your company, then they formulate a customized strategy for you from the ground up. 


All this WeHero does with complete transparency, a virtue in any business and especially within the nonprofit sector. Every year you can find a direct impact report featured prominently on their website, so you know you are getting exactly what you pay for.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a hot topic in this economy, and its increasing importance in the business realm is making the world a better place. Moreover, while it can positively affect your company in terms of actual revenue, it can also positively impact the emotional and mental health of your employees. Remember when your mother used to tell you that kindness was the gift that keeps on giving? Well, as usual, she was right. Committing yourself and your organization to attainable CSR goals fosters a sense of accomplishment within your company culture, as well as that indescribable warm fuzzy feeling all humans get from helping one another.


We love WeHero at Village Creed because of their incredible business ethos and the company values we share -- giving, service, and authenticity. But even more so, we believe that volunteers are truly the lifeblood of change, and WeHero is committed to making volunteering easy and awesome. It’s a business we can believe in, and we know you will think so, too.





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Morgan Downey is the Technical Writer & Newsletter Editor at Vilalge Creed. She has a BA in Professional and Public Writing from Auburn University and loves connecting positively with the public through the written word.