Connecting Service Organizations with Local News Agencies

By Megan Jones
Dec 5, 2019 • 8 min read

How does your local community hear about the work your organization is doing? We believe it's important to share the latest and best work of local organizations with the individuals in its community. 

However, this can be difficult to do. We know most service organizations could use an extra hand when it comes to getting the word out. Dedicated local news agencies desire to tell stories about local events and services, yet it takes a lot of work to be in contact with every community organization. 

One day we asked ourselves, why don't we have automated tools to help news agencies find organizations who want to share their events and give interviews? This led to the creation of the VC Wire.

What is the VC Wire? 

The VC Wire is a way for news agencies to have real-time information of the latest events, fundraisers, programs, and services in the community. 

When your organization adds content to Village Creed's platform, you can opt to share your content with some (or all) of the local news agencies in your area. You can also indicate whether you would like to be contacted for an interview. With just a simple click, your stories, events, services, and needs will be shared with your local media! We do the work for you. Imagine how many new audiences you will be able to reach. 


VC Wire Opt In 2


Participating local news agencies can choose to receive a daily or weekly email with all of the latest content from their city. It puts the news right at their fingertips and helps promote the positive efforts of local citizens. This in turn leads to greater community involvement. 

We believe that organizations who effectively communicate their efforts to their community are the ones who succeed. Social service programs thrive on communication. Effective communication not only attracts volunteers, resource donations, and financial contributions, but it also helps organizations reach more people who need their services. 

The VC Wire connects neighbors and friends to organizations doing great work in their community. Are you ready to join? 


meganjonesvillagecreedAbout the Author 

Megan Jones is the head of the Humanities Division of Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Community Development in 2014. Her passion is fostering connections within communities to help individuals thrive.