Connecting Social Impact Entertainment to Communities

By Megan Jones
Feb 27, 2020 • 5 min read

A joint venture partnership between Brave Road and Village Creed aims to connect the trend of Social Impact Entertainment to real-world action in communities. 


There's been a new wave of media in the last decade called Social Impact Entertainment (SIE). It's an approach that draws inspiration from real life stories to highlight important interests such as foster care or veteran's services. More than ever, people are seeking not only to be entertained, but to be informed about their world and inspired to take part in it. The movement looks like it will continue to redefine all different fields of entertainment from movies and television to theater productions. 

One such company in the field of SIE is Brave Road Entertainment. Brave Road is revolutionizing the space through a proprietary SIE ecosystem to activate real world action. Their platform is designed to close the gap between inspiration and action. Brave Road tells the stories of community organizations on their platform. Then Brave Road directly links individuals to donation and volunteer opportunities with that organization, or a similar one near them through their partner Village Creed. 

Direct and Cumulative ImpactBrave Road meets with organizations to understand their fundamental needs. It evaluates their preexisting marketing content and makes new content as needed. Brave Road's storytelling spans all types of media from documentaries to fictional series to social media content. Through the Brave Road, community organizations can share their stories with the public, garnering more awareness and support for their efforts. 

Brave Road's timely new approach helps to create collaborations around causes. Their marketing expertise allows them to bring awareness to the biggest social challenges of our time and catalyze it into action. The goal of Brave Road is to enable the world to hear each other's stories and present compassionate solutions to the problems of humanity.

Brave Road has a joint venture partnership with Village Creed to mobilize support and improve logistics for social impact initiatives. Village Creed is an online platform that connects resources within local communities. TVC offers a central place for local organizations to post their events, resources, and needs, making it easy for individuals to find opportunities for development and service. They also provide GIS mapping of local resources, so communities can better understand their capacities.


meganjonesvillagecreedAbout the Author

Megan Jones is the head of the Humanities Division of Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Community Development in 2014. Her passion is fostering connections within communities to help individuals thrive.