Settling the Debate: How Do Volunteers Really Want to Serve?

By Kimie McGraw
Aug 6, 2019 • 0 min read

For churches, nonprofits, and schools the question of how to best accommodate for volunteers’ busy schedules has always been front and center. Answer our poll and help us answer this long-standing question!


two female volunteers in blue shirts taking a selfie

This article addresses the long-standing question for churches, nonprofits, and schools: How do volunteers want to serve? Basically, there are two schools of thought about how people prefer to volunteer.

One argues that volunteers need as much information and time as possible to motivate them to volunteer—think set dates, sign-up sheets weeks ahead of time. The other argues that it’s best
to just let people know that there is a need in the community and let them show up without prior commitment. Both sides have good points and their unique pros and cons.

We would love to hear about your favorite way to volunteer. Read our article to learn more, and share your opinion with us on this quick poll and help settle the debate!


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