Impact Reporting

By Anna Knight
Oct 11, 2019 • 5 min read

How is your organization collecting and managing data related to your mission?

Perhaps you feel confident in your organization's ability to clearly map out your impact and manage your funding. Or, perhaps this four letter "D" word (data) keeps you up at night, either because of your organization's lack of data or lack of management of your data. 

Based on our experience, the second response is more common than you think. We all know that data is important. It helps us monitor the effectiveness of our programs, measure the impact of our mission, and manage our funding. However, many organizations lack the time and resources it takes to properly collect and manage this data. 

Reporting Tools on Village Creed

When you register your organization on Village Creed, you will have access to reporting tools that will make your relationship with data much more enjoyable. 

1. Record of volunteer and participant hours

When anyone volunteers for your organization, participates in your programs, or attends an event, the hours they spend with you will be recorded through the platform. These hours will then be recorded on your Admin Reporting Dashboard, visualized on filtered graphs.

This record of hours, categorized by event type and the date of the event, will help you better understand the impact your organization has in the community. Your organization can use this data to create reports for your board, as well as current and future grantors. 

Did you know the hours people spend volunteering with your organization can sometimes be counted as in-kind gifts? Use the data provided by Village Creed to help inform your budgets and write winning grants.

2. Data on Area of Impact 

The hours people spend participating with your organization, either as a volunteer or attendee, will be categorized by interest areas, or areas of impact. Some examples of these areas include addiction recovery, counseling, ESL, green initiatives and more. Your organization will have an impact in the areas that match the mission of your organization.

On your reporting dashboard, you will be able to see the progress your organization is making in your chosen areas of impact. For example, Nonprofit 101's mission falls under the Housing Programs area of interest on Village Creed. Over the past 6 months, Nonprofit 101 has spent 2,000 hours in the area of Housing Programs, all through the work of volunteers and participants. Data to measure your impact is powerful for your organization. 

This type of reporting is also increasingly helpful for foundations who want to make an impact in a certain area. Foundations and other grantors can search Village Creed's platform to find organizations who are working in specific impact areas, for example Housing Programs. Nonprofit 101 would appear in this search, and the foundation can decide whether to fund this organization after seeing the data and considering the impact Nonprofit 101 is making in Housing Programs. 

3. Manage funding with reports 

Organizations have the ability to receive funding through the Village Creed platform. This includes donations made by individuals or foundations, as well as payments for participation or service fees. If you charge a fee for the services you provide, participants in your services can easily pay this fee through the platform. 

On your organization's Admin Reporting Dashboard, you will be able to see a breakdown of your revenue. It will be categorized by revenue by month and type of revenue (donations and fees). This report will help you monitor how your organization is doing financially compared to your annual and YTD budget. Organizations can also use this report to generate your Statement of Activities, Cash Flow Statements and more. 

Check out this short tour of the Admin Reporting Dashboard for nonprofit organizations on the Village Creed platform. 

Nonprofit Admin Reporting Tour


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Anna Knight is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Education and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about supporting diverse communities through collaboration and dignifying storytelling.