Increase Employee Retention with Village Creed

By Anna Knight
Oct 3, 2019 • 5 min read

Does your company struggle to retain employees? This can be a drain on your company's time, resources, and progress. Village Creed offers tools to support your company as you increase employee engagement and loyalty. 

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One of the many pain points that business executives and HR directors face is employee retention. There is constant competition for your skilled employees, and often it can feel like a battle to retain your most valuable workers. 

We understand this struggle.  We understand that losing employees not only affects HR professionals and executives, but it also causes rifts and adjustments for employees at all levels. We understand that it costs about $15,000 to recruit and train one mid-range employee1. These costs add up quickly for a business of any size. 

How can your business increase its employee retention and loyalty? The Village Creed platform offers two specific methods. 

Increase Employee Retention by Encouraging Community Engagement 

One way to increase your employee retention is to show them you care about what they care about. Encourage your employees to serve in your community. Start by giving them the freedom to serve in a cause they care about. Studies have shown that employees tend to be more loyal and engaged in companies who demonstrate a heart for service. We've outlined 3 reasons why encouraging volunteerism is good for your employees (and you!). 

Village Creed makes it easy for your company to encourage community engagement. 

1. Find opportunities to serve in your community on our pin map. 

On our platform, you can view all the services, needs and volunteer opportunities posted by organizations in your community. Your company can decide on a specific organization to work with or encourage employees to focus on a certain area of interest (youth development, environmental, literacy, etc.). 

2. Record your employees' community engagement hours. 

When your employees join Village Creed, they will be given a Company Code which will link them to your organization. All of their community engagement hours will be recorded, and you will have a record of your company's engagement in the community. This is a powerful resource to show your company's community impact! 

Make Recommendations to Support Your Employees

One way to increase employee retention is to invest in the personal and professional development of your employees. Employees appreciate it when their employers provide opportunities for them to grow, especially when it fits their unique passions and skills. This may include both professional training (ex: seminars, webinars, or small group training sessions) and personal development (ex: taking a few hours to attend a photography workshop or receive professional emotional support). 

Through the Village Creed platform, employers and HR professionals can recommend paths for their employees. These paths include actionable steps employees can take to develop a skill, receive support, or attain a goal. For example, your company may encourage its employees to maintain an active lifestyle. Your HR department may make a recommendation that employees spend 10 hours a month participating in local exercise classes.

Or, you may have an employee in your marketing department who is expanding your digital marketing. You can make a recommendation through the platform that she attends a Social Media Marketing Seminar.

Here's the bottom line: increase your employee retention and engagement by showing them you care. Serve alongside your employees in your community and connect them with personal and professional development resources. Village Creed's platform is built to help you with this task and record your impact - are you ready to get started?


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7516841616_IMG_2468About the Author

Anna Knight is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Education and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about supporting diverse communities through collaboration and dignifying storytelling.