Is Village Creed a Volunteer Platform?

By Anna Knight
Jan 2, 2020 • 3 min read

When many people first hear about Village Creed, they think we are a volunteer platform. However, our platform was created to empower individuals and families who are in need of services and resources.

One of the first things we often hear when people learn about our platform is, “Oh, so you’re a volunteer platform.” We usually respond with, “Actually, we’re not.” 

Sure, Village Creed offers many services to individuals looking to volunteer in their community (and we think they’re pretty cool). People can enter their location into the platform and find opportunities to serve in their area. From that list of local opportunities, individuals can choose to volunteer with legitimate, approved organizations that fit their area of interest.

Our platform will then record the hours each individual volunteers or participates in events – communicating it all through their reporting dashboard. What’s even cooler about this is the organizations will also have a record of each individual’s volunteer hours with them.

No more sign-in sheets or documents to lose! This record of hours can then be used by organizations to fulfill or apply for grants, gain funders and more – now isn’t that exciting?! 

Even though the services listed above are exciting to us (and hopefully others in the social services sector), they are not really the reason this whole thing called Village Creed was created.

In essence, our platform was created to empower individuals and families who are in need of services and resources.

There are so many great organizations out in the world doing amazing work in their communities – animal shelters offering safe housing and care for misplaced pets, pregnancy resource centers offering care to new moms, workout clubs offering rehabilitation and community to former drug addicts, the list goes on and on.

What we noticed, though, is a lack of communication and awareness of these services, especially in communities who are in need of them. 

For example, I used to work at a nonprofit serving refugees and immigrants who had recently arrived in the US. My organization had many great programs and services, but there were also other organizations in the community who offered different services to refugees, as well.

However, when I went into the homes of these families, who were using every resource they had to survive, they often did not know about the programs and services available to them – even in their own neighborhood! The lack of communication of these services had in the end hurt the very people these organizations were trying to serve. 

Village Creed was built to fix this problem, to fill the gap. We strive to support service organizations – greater awareness, more volunteers and more funds! – but our ultimate goal is to empower individuals and families by offering a centralized list of resources and services in their community. Take a look at our recent eBook, “Why Every Community Needs a Grocery Store of Services” to learn more.

Our passion is to create flourishing communities by connecting local resources to those in need. We believe giving individuals and families easy access to services and the power of choice is a beautiful and dignifying way to achieve this. 



About the Author:

Anna Knight is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Education and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about supporting diverse communities through collaboration and dignifying storytelling.