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By Anna Knight
Oct 3, 2019 • 5 min read

Do you struggle to find skilled workers to fill your open positions? 

In many communities, pairing skilled workers with open positions, as well as training under-employed individuals for higher-skilled positions, is a great need. Village Creed is uniquely positioned to advance workforce development by leveraging resources in local communities. 

Meet Nick.


During high school, Nick worked evenings and nights at a local fast food restaurant to pay for his car and other expenses. After graduation, Nick decided not to go to college for various reasons. He saw his income from the restaurant as acceptable, so he decided to continue working there for 30 hours a week after he graduated. 

Five years down the road, Nick is still working at the same fast food restaurant. He has been promoted to shift manager, but even with this promotion, he makes barely above minimum wage. He begins to compare his income to his friends', and he decides he wants a higher paying job to fit his adult life.

However, with only a high school diploma and work experience at one restaurant, Nick doesn't know how to get his foot in the door with higher paying jobs. They all require skills that he currently does not have. 

Meet Rhonda.


Rhonda is a hiring manager at a local Briggs & Stratton. Her location currently has over 20 open entry level positions, but there are not enough qualified applicants to fill these positions.

She knows Briggs & Stratton offers sustainable jobs with good pay and benefits, yet she is struggling to find interested and qualified candidates to fill the open positions.

Rhonda is looking for soft skills, critical thinking skills, basic knowledge of the positions, and an appetite to learn more. 

Nick and Rhonda's pain points are unfortunately not uncommon. In order to solve these issues on a local level, Village Creed gives employers the opportunity to create paths for potential employees.

These paths help: 
1. Employers clearly communicate the skills they need
2. Individuals take ownership of their professional development 
3. Communities combine their resources to promote workforce development 

The paths that employers create are designed to guide individuals as they develop the skills and experience necessary to qualify for a position. Individuals can then download these paths and add them as goals to their personal profile on Village Creed's platform. In order to accomplish their goals and complete the path, individuals can search on Village Creed's platform for local organizations and opportunities in their specific field. 

Support for Nick and Rhonda

Rhonda from Briggs & Stratton can create a path for the position of Manufacturing Technician. In order for an individual to be qualified for the position, they must complete the steps of the path. These steps include completing 100 hours of mechanical experience, 60 hours of experience developing trade skills, and 60 hours of experience with heavy machinery. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 1.32.16 PM

Nick can go on Briggs and Stratton's page on Village Creed and download their Manufacturing Technician path. Through the platform, he can find other organizations that offer training, internships or volunteer opportunities that fit the specific experience he needs. All the hours he spends completing this path will be recorded in his Community Engagement Transcript. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 1.46.42 PM

When Nick is ready to apply for the position of Manufacturing Technician, he is confident as he can clearly demonstrate his experience and qualifications for the position. Rhonda can see all of his experience, and she is pleased that it matches her needs.


Are you ready to enhance your workforce development efforts?
Village Creed offers tools to make it easy. 


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7516841616_IMG_2468About the Author 

Anna Knight is the Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Village Creed. She graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Education and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Nonprofit Management. She is passionate about supporting diverse communities through collaboration and dignifying storytelling.